Sullivan County Courthouse

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Historic Sullivan County Courthouse
Before 1795, the county courts were held in various homes of families such as the Looneys, Yanceys and Coxes. With Blountville having been established as the county seat in 1795, the first courthouse was built of massive logs with a jail in the rear. It was replaced in 1825 by a brick courthouse and jail. A new courthouse was built in 1853. During the Battle of Blountville in September 1863, Union forces set fire to the structure, with the devastation leaving only the outer walls remaining. In 1866, immediately after the war, the inside of the courthouse was rebuilt within the remains of the old walls. In 1920, the building was completely razed and a new courthouse built. A new jail was built in 1956, and additions to courthouse were made in 1958. In 1988, the jail was moved to the site of the County's Justice Center, which was completed in 1989. Over the past 5 years, Sullivan County has made some beautiful renovations to the exterior. See below for list of County Departments.

Pictured above: Historic Sullivan County Courthouse in downtown Blountville

Courthouse Directory
Hon. Mayor Richard Venable, 423.323.6417
Sullivan County Government website

Accounts and Budgets, Larry Bailey, 423.323.6409
Animal Shelter, Phil Lane, 423.279.2741
Archives and Tourism, Shelia Hunt, 423.323.4660
Chancery Court, Katie Priestert, 423.323.6483
Circuit Court, Tom Kerns, 423.279.2703
County Attorney, Dan Street, 423.323.6481
County Clerk, Jeanie Gammon, 423.323.6434
County Mayor, Richard Venable, 423.323.6417
Election Commission, Jason C. Booher, 423.323.6444
Health Department, Gary Mayes, 423.279.2794
Highway Commissioner, Jim Belgeri, 423.279.2833
Library, 423.279.2715
Maintenance, Cindy Stewart, 423.323.6405
Observation Knob Park, Michael Cole, 423.878.1881
Personnel and Payroll, Martha Balle, 423.323.6413
Planning, Ambre Torbett, 423.279.2603
Property Assessor, Ron Hillman, 423.323.6490
Purchasing, Kris Davis, 423.323.6400
Register of Deeds, Sheena Tinsley, 423.6424
School Department, 423.354.1000
Sheriff, Wayne Anderson, 423.279.7500
Trustee, Frances Harrell, 423.323.6462
Waste Management, Lucian Lawson, 423.279.2865