Partners in Preservation

Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism
Located at historic Blountville, the Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism is highly dedicated to its motto: "Historic Sullivan... Preserve its History, Discover our Heritage". In 2004, our Archives and History Center, partnered with the Sullivan County Historical and Genealogical Society, began to officially preserve various groups of historic records, manuscripts and artifacts. The Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism is also partnered with the Sullivan County Historic Preservation Association who have done a wonderful job at restoring the old Deery Inn and other historic sites at Blountville over the past few years. As partners in preservation, we firmly believe in preserving the past and in showcasing our rich heritage.

Exciting volunteer opportunities!
Would you like to become one of our Volunteer Team members? Great! There's something for everybody, from historic document preservation to assisting as a tour guide... We need you! Give us a call at 423.323.4660 or email us to see how you can be a part of this really rewarding team! We're really proud of our volunteers. They have contributed thousands of manhours to our preservation projects over the past five years, and this has resulted in tremendous savings for the taxpayers of Sullivan County. Come join in the fun!

Blizzard Museum
Future home of Ralph Blizzard Museum at Blountville

Historic documents from Archives and History Department.

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